About Us

and solution division serve a wide spectrum of the economic sectors in Iraq, and Middle East such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, industrial,Manufacturing and Utilities.
Our integrated Operations/Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS) ensure a smooth data transition from the field to the Back Office. Support service includes design, engineering and implementation of our solutions.
We deliver total solutions to the entire spectrum of the industries, from process control to data management. We provide high quality instrumentation solutions, and advanced customer support that continually enhance plant's process and products’ quality.
OUR company contribute to the transfer of technology and knowledge to the regional Utilities sector whether in Electricity Generation, Electricity T&D, Water Treatment or Distribution, Oil & Gas or Industrial; with the delivery of our high tech full suite of projects solutions, system automation, integration and IT solutions.
 provides the most advanced field instruments that are renowned for their stability, durability and accuracy. Field instruments ensure pertinent conversion of process parameters into standard electronic signals. We provide a full range of Electronic, automation, Pneumatic, and Fieldbus instruments with engineering, supply, commissioning and start‐up activities.
Our company present their portfolio of advanced technological solutions specifically geared for the manufacturing sector. Provided solutions which are fully integrated into business to efficiently control and manage organizations, while simultaneously maintaining a permanently safe and cost effective environment. The solutions are designed to vertically operate in various industries such as cement, chemicals, iron & steel, water and food & beverage to name a few.
Technical Services
We provide Technical Services to the industry projects including Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Manufacturing and other Utilities.
We have the proficiency and resources to support the following services:
-       DCS & PLC’s control systems.
-       ESD & FGS systems.
-       Supervisory control and data acquisition systems SCADA.
-       ICSS consultancy.
-       Piping Isometrics.
-       Revamping and Reverse engineering.
-       Instrument detailed design.
-       Power Monitoring and Interface Systems.
-       Vibration Monitoring Systems.
v   Field Services
-       E&I Construction works.
-       Mechanical Construction works.
-       Piping fabrication.
-       Installation Supervision and Site Management.
-       Instrument installation and field calibration.
-       Pre‐Commissioning and Commissioning Activities.
-       Electrical and turbo machinery commissioning assistance.
-       Oil, Gas and Petrochemical process assistance.
-       Maintenance assistance.
v   Material Supply
-       Control systems.
-       Field Instruments & Control valves.
-       Test & Calibration Equipment.
-       Fire Fighting and protection Equipment.